A  coed Friends school, pre-K to 12, on 47 acres in East Falls, Philadelphia



In a rapidly changing world, words are constant.

The Penn Charter 英语 curriculum nurtures and celebrates verbal and written expression in order to empower students to express themselves clearly and powerfully, read perceptively and critically, speak articulately and listen actively.

"When a student connects things that are happening in a novel to a personal, real-life experience, I know that student is interested and other students are listening." Jennifer Chernak, 中学 英语 teacher

Key Characteristics

  • Development of individual student voice
  • Project-based interdisciplinary learning in sixth grade
  • Choice-driven literature units throughout all 英语 courses

Curricular Highlights

Choice Book Units. 学生 begin 中学 with units on books they individually choose, easing the transition from 较低的学校 to 中学. Another choice unit is included in both seventh and eighth grades to continue to nurture the joy of choosing one’s own book.

八年级 Memoir Project and Celebration. 学生 write and present creative nonfiction about their lives at the end of eighth grade after studying the genre.

深入 introduction to Shakespeare through the study of Romeo and Juliet, including student-performed monologues and written analyses of language.

“I have enjoyed writing my memoir because not only has it allowed me to revisit the memories, 的地方, and people who mean the most to me, but I also have a better understanding of who I am. This project has opened my eyes to who I truly am and who I would like to become.” Eighth grade student